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That First Bill Must Pass

That first bill must now pass through the Assembly, and its sister bill needs to go through the State Senate.  That's where V4TH comes in.  
With Holocaust education as its single focus,  V4TH seeks to energize this lengthy process all the way until it becomes law.  With calls, emails, petitions, events, and social media campaigns, V4TH plans to:
· Promote the lessons we can learn from history;
· Raise awareness of this opportunity among parents of school-age children;
· Attract other, diverse voices to the cause of anti-Holocaust, anti-genocide, anti-slavery education;
· Convince our lawmakers that the time is NOW to Stop The Hate!
But an effective push for law passage will cost time and money.  And, just to note: Voices For Truth and Humanity has no paid employees. It is 100% supported by volunteers who want to make their family, and your family, better educated so that history does not repeat itself.
By bidding on auction items this June, you'll be adding your voice to the Voices for Truth and Humanity mission.  You'll help fund the outreach efforts needed to make Holocaust education a reality.  And -- you'll have fun!

Read about the Holocaust and other genocide education legislation currently under consideration in Albany:
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