The #NeverAgain Challenge

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Hatred, genocides, and holocausts are only possible with the dehumanizing contempt bred through manipulating ignorance. Forcibly branding humans with registration tattoos was a tool not just for Nazi efficiency, but to re-enforce Supremacy over the many peoples sent to and killed in concentration camps in Europe in front of the eyes of the world. In an era that lacked today’s pervasive media sharing, convenient ignorance allowed world leaders to turn their backs on these crimes against all of us until it was no longer politically expedient to do so.
In the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, there are those in this generation that deny the holocaust ever happened, and even claim reporting to be a deliberate massive hoax.  This has been true of every genocide throughout history, even to the point where it can take the world 100 years to agree that attempts at mass exterminations of human beings were, indeed, genocide.

Edmund Burke, George Santayana and Winston Churchill have all reminded us with similar thoughts that,  “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Just about every country has experienced one or more genocides in its history, almost universally initiated by a powerful intolerant few, whether displacement and murder of indigenous peoples (like American Indians and Australian Aborigines) or scapegoating (Jews in Russia and Germany) to accumulate and consolidate power at the cost of the weak, or religious persecution like the Moors in Spain.  Yet, our children are raised without sufficient knowledge of these horrible deeds, so they are not armed with the awareness to recognize and fight against these affronts to human dignity whether it be hate speech painted on the walls of churches, synagogues, or mosques, or violence against those who differ racially, sexually, in ableness, in appearance, by religion, language, nationality and so many more attributes.

Providing tools and knowledge to sustainably battle against the rise of hate built on manipulation and ignorance, Voices for Truth and Humanity advocates for a comprehensive curriculum, on the Holocaust and all genocides, in our schools.

Participation in the #NeverAgainChallenge is your chance to spread awareness there is work to be done and people are doing it, to show that we the people have the knowledge and the will power to stop hate, intolerance and all supremacy movements in their tracks.

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Unfortunately, there are too many genocides to list here, but learn more at .